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How You Can Become a Process Server Today!

A process server is a professional who delivers legal documents such as summons and plaintiff’s complaints to the defendant. However, there are basic requirements to become a process server as discussed in the video. Clients expect you to have a valid and active driving license and provide your own means of transport. You can consider leasing a car if you don’t have one to facilitate your delivery of legal documents to your client’s defendant.

Each state has different requirements for a process server. In some states, you must be 18 years and above, and you’re not a party to the lawsuit.

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In other states, a process server must have training, certifications, or both. If your state requires process servers to have training and certifications, then completing process server training is crucial. Even if process server training is not a requirement in your area, you can still benefit from the training.

The demand for certified process servers is in high demand and satisfying the above and other basic steps is crucial to becoming a process server. Start by getting a valid driver’s license, researching your state’s requirements, and enrolling for process server training, among others.


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