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When Do You Need a Civil Attorney vs Criminal Attorney?

At one time or another, everyone will find that they need the help of an attorney. However, to ensure you get the outcome you are hoping for, you will need to understand the difference between a civil attorney vs criminal attorney. While every attorney has the same basic abilities, the difference between a civil attorney vs criminal attorney can be profound. Here is what you need to know about which type of attorney is the right attorney to manage your matter.

Facing Criminal Charges

A criminal lawyer is the one you need when facing criminal charges. One of the key factors in the difference between a civil attorney vs a criminal attorney is that a civil attorney rarely must contend with criminal matters. A criminal attorney is an attorney with the experience that you need. A criminal attorney can evaluate your case and develop a winning strategy to get you the best outcome.

Criminal attorneys, also known as criminal defense attorneys, specialize in defending individuals charged with criminal offenses. They possess in-depth knowledge of criminal law and criminal law procedures. Criminal attorneys handle cases involving charges such as assault, theft, drug offenses, white-collar crimes, and much more.

When facing criminal charges, it’s essential for the outcome of your case to consult with a criminal attorney instead of a civil attorney. Criminal charges carry serious consequences, including fines, potential jail time, and long-standing repercussions. A criminal attorney will have the expertise and experience necessary to navigate the complex legal system and build a strong defense on your behalf. Be sure if you are facing criminal charges that, you choose an attorney with the right experience. Your future depends on it.

Recovering from an Accident

An accident lawyer is a civil attorney. When you are evaluating the differences between a civil attorney vs criminal attorney, one of the key ways to recognize which type of attorney you are dealing with is to look at where they appear in court the most. An accident attorney fights their cases primarily in civil court.

Civil attorneys specialize in civil law and manage legal matters that involve disputes between individuals or companies. When it comes to accidents, civil attorneys are responsible for representing injured individuals in personal injury claims. They focus on obtaining compensation for the victim’s losses, including medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related costs from the accident.

Civil attorneys work hard to establish liability and negligence for their clients. They work to negotiate settlements with insurance companies, and if necessary, they will fight the case in civil court. Dealing with the legal system after an accident can be overwhelming, especially when you have been injured in the accident. Hiring a civil attorney reduces the stress of navigating the legal system and allows you to focus on healing from the accident.

Establishing a Business

Business law attorneys are the attorneys that can help you to establish a business. These types of attorneys fall into the civil law category. A business law attorney can prepare the documents for your business to legitimize your business. They can also help you manage decisions about the type of business documents you need.

When it comes to business law, it is clear which type of attorney you should choose when you are evaluating civil attorney vs criminal attorney options. It is the civil attorney. Regarding business law, civil attorneys can handle contract negotiations, business formation, liability issues, and business advice. A criminal lawyer is not an expert in this field and typically can’t provide the legal support you need.

Business attorneys can identify and mitigate potential risks to your business and ensure you comply with laws relevant to your business. They can review your business practices, contracts, and policies to minimize legal exposure and protect your business interests. Business attorneys can provide comprehensive legal services to help you start and manage your business.

Closing a Real Estate Deal

If you are wondering about civil attorney vs criminal attorney and how that comes into play when you have a real estate deal you are trying to close, the answer is simple, a civil attorney is the type of attorney that you need. As mentioned above, civil attorneys handle contract law. Buying or selling real estate always comes with contracts.

A real estate law firm has the expertise to manage all types of real estate transactions. They also manage things like escrow accounts for their clients. Real estate attorneys work within the civil law realm. They can provide defense if necessary and also institute litigation when things go wrong with a real estate transaction.

Real estate attorneys ensure compliance with real estate laws in every transaction. There are there to work through disputes and ensure your transactions go smoothly. It is strongly suggested that if you are considering a real estate transaction, that you get the support that you need from a trusted real estate attorney.

Accessing All Spaces Equally

There are laws that protect the disabled and guarantee that they will have equal access to all public spaces and will not be discriminated against because of their disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects people from discrimination because of their disabilities. This landmark civil rights law was enacted in 1990. However, unfortunately, sometimes the laws are ignored.

The ADA protects the disabled in specific areas like employment, education, transportation, government services, and more. If you feel like you are being denied your rights or are being discriminated against because of a covered disability, disability attorneys will fight for your rights to protection under the ADA. The ADA laws guarantee that employers and others will provide “reasonable accommodations”.

If you feel that your employer or others are treating you unfairly because of your disability, an attorney can help. A criminal attorney isn’t the attorney to seek help from for these matters. You need a civil rights attorney to fight for your rights. There may be options for fighting back if you have been discriminated against.

Procuring Social Security

A very high percentage of people that apply for social security disability benefits are denied the first time they apply. The Social Security application process can be complex and difficult to navigate. Likewise, many people that use a social security lawyer to apply for their benefits are approved the first time they apply.

If you have been denied SSD and want to fight for your rights to these benefits there is no need to compare services offered by a civil attorney vs criminal attorney. It is the help of a civil attorney that you need. An attorney that offers social security disability help has the experience to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

The Social Security Administration will deny an application for even the smallest error made in the application process. However, if you don’t act quickly to respond to the denial with the help of an attorney, you must go back to the drawing board and start an entirely new application. The SSA takes about six months to a year to decide whether they will approve an application for benefits. In other words, you need to act quickly if you have been denied and hire an attorney.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy lawyers are civil lawyers that work almost exclusively in bankruptcy courts. These attorneys are different from other attorneys in that they work in the federal court system. All bankruptcy cases are heard in federal district court. Bankruptcy laws are consumer (civil) laws that provide consumers and businesses with an opportunity to reset their finances.

Bankruptcy laws are notoriously difficult to navigate “pro se” (representing yourself). If you are struggling to pay your bills, on the verge of losing your home or car, and are looking for a way to reorganize your debt, bankruptcy may be the answer. Bankruptcy attorneys negotiate with creditors on your behalf and use bankruptcy laws to reduce your debt.

A bankruptcy attorney can offer a fresh financial start. A criminal attorney may also be a part of a bankruptcy case if you are charged with fraud or other criminal activity that comes from the bankruptcy filing. However, each attorney would focus on a different part of the case.

Bitten By a Dog

If you are bitten by a dog and must sue the dog’s owner to cover medical expenses, lost wages, or other losses you will need a civil attorney to handle the matter. A dog bite lawyer is a civil attorney that will file the necessary claims and go to court on your behalf if that is necessary. An attorney that provides support for victims of dog bites will help you to navigate the legal system to get the compensation that you deserve for the attack.

Dog bite attorneys have in-depth knowledge of the laws and regulations regarding dog bites, leash laws, breed laws, and statutes. They use their experience to evaluate your case and come up with a strategy to ensure your rights are protected. The attorney will do all the “leg work” in your case and open an investigation to determine the possible negligence of the owner.

The attorney will manage all communications with the insurance company including filing the necessary paperwork. If the case needs to be taken to court, the attorney will appear in court with you. A civil dog bite attorney has the expertise to navigate the entire process for you.

Dealing with an Estate

When you are dealing with an estate you may need a probate lawyer to manage the process. This type of lawyer is a civil lawyer that focuses their practice on estate planning, probate, and other matters that affect an estate. Many people die without a will and the estate must go into probate for the court to decide how the estate and the property is divided among the decedent’s heirs.

Probate court is different from other types of courts. The rules are different and very strict. The procedures are different. Most people can’t navigate probate court on their own, and they shouldn’t. Probate can go on for years without the help of an attorney. An attorney that focuses their practice on probate matters has the experience to ensure that everything moves along.

Dealing with an estate can be highly stressful. Having the right attorney can help to reduce some of the stress. There are solutions for every estate problem, you just need to be sure you choose the right attorney to manage the case. A civil attorney that focuses on probate law is the right attorney.

Protecting the Elderly

The final legal field we will look at in the civil attorney vs criminal attorney review is elder law. Elder laws are laws that are in place to help protect seniors. Lawyers that specialize in elder laws can be both civil lawyers and criminal lawyers (when necessary).

These laws affect seniors and their loved ones. It encompasses a wide field of legal matters. For example, estate planning falls under the heading of elder laws. Guardianship, conservatorship, and health advocacy are all covered under elder laws. A civil attorney can manage a wide range of legal support for seniors, and in some cases, a criminal lawyer will have a seat at the table.

In most matters it will be a civil lawyer’s services that you will use to manage concerns for a senior loved one. In all cases, it is essential that you choose an experienced attorney to ensure you get the services that you need. The right guidance is essential in protecting seniors.

Both civil lawyers and criminal lawyers play a crucial role in our legal system. Ensuring that you choose the right lawyer for your specific situation is vital. Do your research before calling an attorney to make sure you make the right call.

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