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Can You Sue Your Landlord?

Even if you’ve done nothing wrong, you may one day find an eviction notice on your door. Evictions are a common reality for Chicago businesses that are renting their office or retail space. When it comes to understanding the rules and regulations around tenant evictions, consulting with an experienced Chicago Commercial Tenant Eviction Lawyer is often the best course of action.

An experienced Chicago Commercial Tenant Eviction Lawyer is familiar with the nuances of the local laws and regulations — not to mention the unique considerations presented for out-of-state tenants — and will be able to provide you with the comprehensive representation necessary to properly serve the eviction process. For a tenant, it is important to note that until an eviction is judicially authorized, an occupier can remain in the space and the landlord is not allowed to carry out an illegal eviction or force a tenant to move out of the property.

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A Commercial Tenant Eviction Lawyer in Chicago is an expert in the complex statutes related to leases and tenants’ rights and can advise you on the various ways to handle an eviction -– whether it be filing an unlawful detainer lawsuit in court or negotiating a settlement agreement between landlord and tenant. Depending on your situation, your Commercial Tenant Eviction Lawyer may also represent your interests in an eviction trial. This can be a daunting task, but an experienced attorney knows how the case should be handled.

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