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The Core Concepts of Criminal Law

Ever watched a TV show about criminal law? If you noticed, criminal law shows usually relate to a crime committed.

There’s always a part of the show that focuses on the works of detectives and the police in solving the crime and gathering evidence. So, what are the concepts of criminal law? Here’s everything to know.

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Understanding the Criminal Law

This refers to the body of laws that apply to criminal acts. It’s where an individual fails to follow the criminal statute, which they commit when breaking the law. The body of law differs from civil law, as criminal law penalties involve imprisonment and forfeiture of rights.

Criminal Law Types

There are actually two types of criminal laws:

* Misdemeanor

This is an offense that is considered to be a lower-level offense, such as traffic offenses, criminal law, minor assaults, or petty thefts. Moreover, in many cases, the penalty for this crime is one year or less.

* Felony

On the other hand, felony crimes are more serious offenses. Examples of felonies are manslaughter, murder, drug dealing, rape, arson, and robbery. Penalties imposed for this crime are one year or more, which depends on the nature of the offense and the jurisdiction where the crime was committed.

Furthermore, the state also has different bodies of criminal law. This could vary from state to state, and federal law applies to every state.


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