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How to Hire a Lawyer

In this video, the presenter says two things about finding a lawyer, which is to plan and pick someone you click with. Don’t wait until you’re knee-deep in legal trouble to start searching. Choosing the right lawyer is like choosing a friend – it’s best to vibe with them.

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Otherwise, it can be a total nightmare. Think about it; you wouldn’t want to work with someone you clash with, right?

Now, to get your search started, the speaker suggests asking your friends, colleagues, or anyone you trust who’s been in a similar situation. They might have the inside scoop on a great lawyer who’s not only good but someone you’d enjoy talking to.

Look for a lawyer specializing in your specific industry. Think of it like choosing a doctor. You wouldn’t see a brain surgeon for a broken leg, would you? The same goes for lawyers. If you’re dealing with a complex legal issue, you want someone who’s seen it all and knows the ins and outs of your industry’s legal landscape.

Finally, the speaker drops the mic with this golden advice. Build a relationship with your lawyer before you need them. Think of it like an investment. You wouldn’t hire a financial advisor the day before you need to make a crucial investment decision, would you? By establishing a connection with your lawyer beforehand, you’re ensuring that you get the best possible value for your money. Doing so is critical when legal trouble does come knocking.


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