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What Is Family Law?

According to Audrey Brown Lawyers, family law, also known as matrimonial law, is part of the law that deals with family and domestic relations. These relationships include marriage, divorce, child custody, and adoption. Lawyers specializing in family law can help clients with court processes, and write vital documents like property contracts.

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Some of the reasons for engaging attorneys practicing family law include the following:

Divorce: Each individual looks for their lawyer when a divorce occurs. The attorney can develop a settlement plan to prevent the matter from going to trial. Clients can also get help with a child custody plan, marital property division, and spousal support calculations.

Child Support/Custody: While issues to do with custody and support are part of the divorce process, affected partners may decide to revisit the agreements. There could be changed circumstances due to the non-custodial parent’s new financial status.

Paternity: To get support for the child from an absent father, the mother can file a paternity case via a family lawyer. In some cases, the child’s father can also file for paternity so that they can establish a relationship with their child. Both partners use DNA testing to determine paternity.

Because family law is concerned with complicated domestic relations, hiring specialists is essential.


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