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What To Do If You Get Injured at Work

When someone gets injured in the workplace, they could be eligible to get compensation for their treatment. Whether it’s their employer refusing to pay, or it’s about fraudulent injuries, a work injury attorney should always be there to work things out. What does a work injury attorney do? Here’s what you need to know.

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Understanding Work Injury Attorney

A work injury attorney represents the injured employees in lawsuits against employers under the worker’s compensation law of the state. Before they could practice, a work injury attorney must obtain a bachelor’s degree and attend law school to become a Juris Doctor.

After they graduate from the law school, they should pass the professional responsibility exam as well as the bar exam to become licensed and practice in their state.

Undergraduate School

There will be no specific undergraduate degree that is required to attend the law school. Lawyers hold degrees in English, political science, history, social sciences and philosophy.

The individual would be interested to become a work injury attorney and may benefit in taking health and science courses in any related field.

Law School

This consists of 3 years of studying full-time. Of course, part-time programs are also available, yet it usually takes longer to complete.


The licensing requirements vary by state, but for most states, they require passage of Multistage Bar Exams and the exams.


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