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Understanding an Enforcement of the Court Order

In this video a divorce and family law attorney explains the process behind an enforcement of the court order, and what that implies for either side of the case. When you have a decree entered, and it happens that one of the parties does not comply with the order this may lead to further action by the judge and the court.

If we are looking at the example of a child support order and a father falls behind in payments, enforcement of the court orders is something the mother does to notify the court to ask the judge to order the father to comply. The judge can force compliance if the mother can prove that the father had enough money to comply and chose not to.

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The judge can then fine the father in contempt of the court.

Until the child support is caught up on in this case, the judge can go as far as incarcerating the willfully failing to comply father. Additionally, judges can order attorneys fees that occurred in order to force compliance. Other examples of these orders could be debts, property transfers, and many more. If you want to learn more about enforcement of the court orders, or are encountering this issue in your own case, do your research to find an attorney that can help you!


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