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How Bail Bonds Work

So what is a bail bond?

This is a payment in court by the bail bond company, with the help of a bail bond agent on the criminal defendant’s behalf. That said, a bail bond makes it a type of surety bond.

It’s also the amount of money that defendants have to post, for it to be released from jail before the trial.

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It’s when the defendant posts bail and appears in court and complies with the terms of the release, the bail would then be refunded. But if the defendant fails to appear in court on the required date, then the full bond amount will be forfeited.

With the help of a bail bond agent, the bail bonds are also the way for the defendants to post bail when the financial situation is strained to pay on their own.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

The bail bonds work by allowing the defendant to post bail if he or she could not afford it. The bail bond agent will post the full amount on behalf of the defendant.

In turn, the defendant will pay the bail bond agent a percentage of the bail amount – usually at 10 percent. Know that this payment is non-refundable even if the defendant complies with all the terms of the pre-trial release. Also, the bail bond agent secures the bond with collateral.


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