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How Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Calculate a Settlement?

If you want to file a lawsuit for a personal injury, you should understand how an accident injury attorney determines the settlement. The Youtube video “How Personal Injury Lawyers Calculate Settlement – Personal Injury Q&A” has the best information so you’ll know how they reached that final amount. Let’s find out more!

In a personal injury case, lawyers have to calculate pain and suffering aside from more tangible matters such as medical bills. General damage is not easy to figure out because it’s such an abstract concept, but attorneys have to be practical.

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They look at the outcome and think about how this injury affected the patient.

For example, if a football player lost their ability to run for a while or their entire future at the NFL, an accident injury attorney will include that into the calculations. That number can add up quickly when damage is permanent or severe. Additionally, they have to look at emotional damage. If the injury also caused anxiety, depression, etc. the final amount should increase as a result.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details on how an accident injury attorney calculates a settlement.


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