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What Are Bailbonds?

Court appearances can be quite stressful for individuals and families of those appearing in court. To add to the trauma of being arrested, an amount of money is demanded by defendants to avoid jail.

And with that, a bailbond would help lessen the stress.

So, what is a bailbond? This is an agreement by the criminal defendant to pay a sum of money set by the court.

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In fact, the bailbond is consigned by the bail bondsman, who will charge the defendant a fee to guarantee payment.

Quick Facts about a Bailbond

* A bailbond is not a common practice worldwide. Only the Philippines and the US are some of the places you will find assistance.
* The amount of which bail is set is determined by the court in a state. Some states set a list to know the correct bail amount for the crime committed.
* If you are asking who has the right to the bill, know that a person who has been charged with a non-capital crime is entitled to bail.

How does a Bailbond Work?

When an individual is arrested, they are given the date of the hearing, as well as the amount of the bail. It is now up to them, or their friends and family, to pay for release between the court and arrest dates. With that, the bailbondsman will be the one to assist as a third party.


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